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Passion. Purpose. Fulfillment. Self-sufficiency.  

Building personal brands into visual authorities.

Building an authoritative and influential personal brand is the most effective way to attract high ticket clients as an expert individual. And if you want to be naturally approached for business instead of having to spend hours chasing clients every day you must use something called the IIGC.


In order to gain clients as a personal brand, you can use 2 methods. Paid marketing to buying clients or organic marketing focused on serving clients in order to gain them. If serving is part of your ethical lifestyle you’re already one step ahead. What’s missing is the right strategy to apply to business.


This is where the IIGC work-frame comes into play. A tested and 100% working work-frame developed by me in order to gain high ticket clients. Here’s what it stands for:


Identity through belief

Impact through authenticity

Growth through serving

Consistency through habit


Personal brands are our friend experts, our family, our close relatives, the people we admire, and the people we love. The connections we make are more authentic and beneficial than business brands. The fulfillment we get as individuals is incomparable also.


So... if you’re an expert individual în a particular industry wishing to create a personal brand în order to market your skills and acquire high ticket clients then you’re in the right place.

What do I do?

I guide coaches and industry experts into building their personal brand and becoming a visual authority to be able to sign high ticket clients more easily. I do this by using my tested and proven 4 step work-frame.

Who is this really for?

This is for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, consultants, mentors, speakers, coaches, and any other industry expert who wants to build a personal brand using their own image, personality, and lifestyle.

What should you expect?

- Build your identity as a personal brand to be distinguished as a trusted advisor, go-to expert, and authority in your industry.

- Create an impact through being authentic, using your own voice, and staying true to your belief.


- Build an online presence by sharing and connecting meaningfully to increase brand exposure and credibility in such a way that you'd be seen as the top expert in your niche.

- Systemise your marketing efforts to attract and enrol clients consistently with my 4 step work-frame in less than 1 hour a day. 

- Create a delivery system by structuring your knowledge into digital products in order to provide support to more people in less time. The ultimate goal is to turn your talent into an accessible service even without you being present. 

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